Motivational Speeches & Business Seminars

Tommy Limbaugh is a highly sought after motivational speaker having spoken to more than 1,000 audiences in 25 states. He has also conducted numerous seminars for businesses from all over the United States. He has thrilled audiences from stock brokers to real estate giants. His exceptional gifts and communication skills allow him to create a special connection with his audiences.

As a highly successful college football coach, administrator, and businessman, Tommy is living proof that the principles he lives by work. You can count on him to set a tone for a lively, upbeat, entertaining, and motivational event.

Tommy was a co-founder and CEO for one of the most successful sports marketing companies in the country. Sportslink closed its doors February 14, 2008 after 11 consecutive years of amazing growth, turning it into a multi-million dollar business. The very same day Tommy Limbaugh founded and opened the doors to 4U Management, LLC, doing the exact same thing. He has the experience and success that make his seminars and speeches uniquely dynamic.

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