Our lives would totally be different without Tommy Limbaugh. We would not have the security, the peace of mind, or the hope for a future beyond the PGA TOUR. Tommy is always there for us, enriching our lives, in all areas. 4U is the best in every way"

>>> Lee Janzen - Two Time US Open Champion

Client Testimonials

4U is my most valued source of advice on all my business decisions. Heather and I could not be any happier with all the work 4U has done on our behalf. What we value the most is the great relationship we have.”............... 1/31/10 Ben's comments about Tommy: "I've never in my whole life been so excited as I was when I was in the meeting with my team last November. My caddie imitates my manager Tommy Limbaugh all the time now because he gets these ten fingers going at you, and he goes, (imitating high-pitched southern drawl) 'Ben, I am so excited right now. I am more excited than you are. I can't even tell you how excited I am!' Tommy has really influenced my golf career in a positive way"

>>> Ben Crane - Four-Time PGA Champion

It is an honor to be represented by Tommy Limbaugh of 4U Management. I trust his judgment and value his friendship of over 20 years. Knowing he is representing me and my Art is a great feeling. I'm excited about the creative partnerships Tommy can establish as he represents me in the Sports world and I am grateful for the opportunity to be represented by 4U Management"

>>> Dan Rountree - Commissioned Art, Murals and Design

“Honesty, loyalty and hard work describe the qualities of 4U Management. I could trust no one more with my business affairs than Tommy Limbaugh"

>>> Dr. Richard Coop, Sports Psychologist

Signing with 4U is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made"

>>> Jason Allred, PGA TOUR